Setting up a business and selling alcoholic beverages?

If, you are setting up a business and you plan to sell alcohol to the public, then you will need to obtain a Liquor Licence under Irish Licensing Laws, prior to doing so. This is a complex area of law and getting practical advice from D’Arcy & Co. Solicitors, Kildare at an early stage will allow you to benefit from our experience, to ensure that the process of obtaining your licence goes as smoothly as possible.

Firstly, you will need to identify what type of Liquor Licence you require for your business and we have set out a list of the most popular licences, along with relevant information below to assist you:-

Publican’s Licence:

A Publican’s Licence allows the holder to sell alcohol for consumption both on and off their premises. The premises must have a traditional bar counter and there is no requirement to sell food.

A holder of a Publican’s Licence, who also obtains a Dance Licence, may apply for special exemption orders to operate a ‘late’ bar outside of the ordinary trading hours associated with this type of licence.

The main Licence categories covering Public Houses (pubs) are:

  • Publican’s Licence (7-Day Ordinary)
  • Publican’s Licence (6-Day)
  • Publican’s Licence (6-Day & Early Closing)

The licensing period is from the 1st October to 30th September and this type of licence will expire on the 30th September annually, regardless of the issue date.

The cost of a first Pub Licence is €250. Thereafter, the renewal cost will be based upon the previous turnover of the business.

First applications for a Publican’s Licence (7- Day Ordinary) require that an existing Licence must be purchased and ‘extinguished’ before a new licence will be granted.

A Circuit Court application is required which may be complex. We are happy to liaise with business owners and provide practical advice at the outset of your business venture along with an estimate of our fees for the relevant court application.

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