Maintaining up to date instructions

Where a period of two or more months have passed without instructions from clients, it is our policy, where appropriate, to write to the relevant client to request up-to-date instructions.

If, at that time, instructions cannot be given or are not given, it is our policy, where appropriate, to close off the relevant file and raise an invoice for the work done to date.

Policy on types of work

We believe that, if we do what we are better at, we will be better at what we do and it is our policy to offer services within specific areas, in particular conveyancing, probate and property through solicitor Paul D’Arcy and personal injury litigation, medical negligence and family law divorce and separation through solicitors Deirdre Nolan and Roisin O’Connor. We will only deal with cases outside of those areas in special circumstances.

Payment of Invoices

It is our policy to require payment of invoices within 4 weeks of invoices being raised.

If payment is not received within that time frame, then, we will correspond with the client to ask for confirmation in writing that they intend not to pay us. Once, we receive that confirmation or if that correspondence is being ignored, we will then take the appropriate enforcement proceedings to recover the monies due on the basis that the client does not intend to pay.

Raising of interim invoices

We reserve the right to raise interim invoices in relation to cases.

This may not be necessary in types of cases that have within them certain stages that facilitate the raising of invoices (for example completion of a purchase or settlement of a personal injury case).However, in other cases interim billing will be important from a case management and fees management point of view.

Outstanding requests from third parties

Where items (for example, deeds of discharge) are requested by us from third parties such as lending institutions or other firms of solicitors  and where that correspondence proves unsuccessful, it is our policy, where appropriate, to request the assistance of the Law Society. This will only be done where appropriate reminders have been sent and have been met with no or insufficient replies.

Client Feedback

We want your experience of using D’Arcy & Co, Solicitors to be one you would recommend to a friend.

We actively seek out clients’ comments and views on the level of service they receive from us.

If you have any comments on your experience with us please take the time to let us know by emailing us on