If you have suffered injuries as a result of the negligence of a medical practitioner, you may have a personal injury claim and you should contact us to learn more about your legal rights without delay.

At D’Arcy & Co. we have extensive experience in dealing with Medical Negligence claims* and we have a proven track record in assisting people in recovering the compensation that they are entitled to.

In relation to a Medical Negligence Claim* we will require the following information:-

Your details

  • Name and address
  • Occupation, Employer, work address and PPS number
  • Date of birth (over or under 18)
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Marital status
  • Names and date of birth of your children or dependents

Details of incident

We will need a description of what took place including the healthcare providers involved

Details of why you think your healthcare provider was negligent

Injury Details

  • Description of injuries together with details of relevant past medical history
  • Absence from work
  • Details of any other relevant hospitals or doctors (if any)
  • Brief description of effect of incident/injury on lifestyle and capacity to work


Whatever information you have regarding expenses that are likely to occur such as car damage, car hire or storage, damage to goods, loss of earnings, medical expenses and details of social welfare claimed, medical card (if any) and health insurance

Previous Injuries

Details of any previous injury or claim including amount

Details of complaint (if any) which you have made to the HSE/Medical Council

Any further information you feel is applicable