We at D’Arcy & Co, Solicitors, Kildare have a wealth of experience in Property and Conveyancing.


All Property cases are dealt with by Paul D’Arcy, a solicitor with over twenty years of Conveyancing experience.

We have considerable experience in Land Registry Title issues including:-

  • Purchasing Freehold

Where a property is held under a long lease, it is often the case that it would be beneficial for the property if that lease were converted into a Freehold. This is a complex area from the point of view of the procedure that needs to be followed and the question of whether the property qualifies.

  • First Registration in Land Registry

Some properties are not yet registered in the Land Registry and remain on the older Registry of Deeds system. In the case of purchases of such property, it is compulsory that the property in question moves to the Land Registry. It is also the case that owners of such properties can decide at any time to apply for First Registration in the Land Registry.