At D’Arcy & Co, Solicitors, Kildare we understand that the breakdown of a relationship is one of the most difficult and stressful situations that any family can face. We are here to help guide you through the legal process by working to find a practical and beneficial solution in respect of childcare issues, financial matters and all associated issues that must be addressed.

Our team has the necessary skills to negotiate settlements for clients where possible and to progress matters to court where agreement cannot be reached.

We will guide you through each stage of the process and provide clear, practical advice with the aim of keeping legal costs down and bringing legal matters to a conclusion as quickly as possible.

Should you need confidential family law advice, please contact our Family Law Solicitor Deirdre Nolan on 045-530807 to make an appointment to discuss your queries.


Family Law – Legal Costs

There is no charge for an initial, first consultation and we are happy to meet with you and discuss matters on a no-obligation basis.

Our policy in Family Law matters is to give an estimate of costs once we have had a meeting with our clients regarding their situation and options and have assessed all relevant matters. On a general note, it is worth stating that when matters are settled without protracted correspondence and negotiations, our fees will be less than in more contentious cases.

Thereafter, we offer clients the option of making payments on an instalment basis to ensure that legal fees can be discharged over time, to allow for ease of payment at a time when financial circumstances can be strained.

Before a Court can grant a Decree of Divorce in Ireland, the following conditions must be met:

  • The parties must have been living apart from one another for a period amounting to four out of the previous five years before the Application is made. (Please note that this rule is due to change shortly following the recent Referendum result.)
  • There must be no reasonable prospect for reconciliation.
  • Proper arrangements must have been made or will be made for the Spouse and any dependent members of the family such as children of either party and other relatives.

In relation to Divorce and Separation cases, we will require the following information:-

Your details

  • Name, address, phone number, maiden name and date of birth
  • Occupation, employer and income
  • Is there a second relationship
  • Are there dependents living with you

We need you to give similar details in relation to your spouse

The following details for your Family Home

  • Address and if owned jointly
  • Mortgage details including lending institution, whether joint or sole, history of any remortgage, amount outstanding, repayment amount and arrears (if any)
  • Current market value and history of deposit, source of funds or site and who makes repayments

The following Marriage details

  • Date, place and nature of ceremony
  • Start date of and address while living apart
  • Any pre-nuptual agreement
  • Any previous Separation, Divorce, family law proceedings, solicitor engaged, counselling or mediation
  • Any difficulty with Violence, Drinking or Adultery

The following details regarding Children

  • Name, surname, date of birth, whether marital, non-marital or adopted and state of health
  • Education details including any special educational needs or school fees
  • Childcare arrangements and whether both parents work
  • Maintenance and Access in place or required

Liabilities including:-

  • Mortgage
  • Loans

Assets including:-

  • Family Home
  • Other property
  • Business
  • Shares
  • Savings
  • Life assurance
  • Valuables
  • Car
  • Money due
  • Business equipment

Pension details

Details of any Claims, Redundancy or Inheritances due 

It is also helpful for you to set out a brief history of your Marriage